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Our Concept pays homage to the Southernmost part of India and the neighboring island of Srilanka. Two countries are separated by the Park Strait, a narrow strait that separates the state of Tamil Nadu in India from the Jaffna district of the island nation of Srilanka. There are huge political and socio-cultural ties between the Southern Indian states of Kerala and Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka. Similarities and differences are to be celebrated and that is what Copra aims to do through its cuisine and design.


The single most important link in the cuisine of these two seaside nations is the underlying ingredient of Coconut, which is deeply valued in all regions and forms the base of many dishes. COPRA is the dried coconut kernel used to extract coconut oil. Coconut is the cornerstone of Indian and Srilankan coastal cuisine. COPRA encapsulates this union perfectly.


The brainchild of founder Ayesha Thapar and designed by nationally acclaimed Interior Designer Thomas Schoos and Studio Mood's Lisa Gill (Morimoto, Tao, Herringbone, Seasucker), have worked closely to create a visual language that strongly defines the Copra Experience. The idea is to create a tropical feel, a journey into another world, a visual extravaganza of elements that will create a dramatic, sexy, eclectic, and fun vibe. The Decor will be dramatic to match the spectacle of the double height volume, which will feature a wooden greenhouse with macrame, floor-to-ceiling shelves with local artisanal, hand-woven chandeliers, vintage tropical wallpaper, and a host of unique design elements creating a textural paradise. We have created many special moments and areas of visual drama to keep our customers transported through their meals.

Our Team